It is our belief that there is a rich and energetic environment of independent publishing and storytelling platforms in Ireland that contribute artistic, diverse and vital perspectives to our culture. 

This resource contains links to examples of currently active, Ireland based, artist-led publishing collectives, zine makers, book clubs, independent literary journals and further organisations committed to literary experimentation, narrative reclamation and telling stories which are misrepresented or overlooked by mainstream media. 

Much of this list relates to the projects featured in RING OUT, WILD BELLS (Bloomers Magazine Issue 07, 2021) – but it has been enriched with further examples. 

If you can think of any other examples of this type of activity currently happening in Ireland, of which we are sure there are many, please let us know by emailing with a link to their website or social media.

Independent Printed Literary Publications

Artist Networks

Book Clubs


Independent Publishers

Zines and Zine Makers

Online Literary Journals

Online Arts Publications

Visual Arts Print Publishers

News Sheets



LGBTQIA Archives

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