Artist Fair Pay Policy

Selection Process : 

Each Bloomers publication is theme specific and works are selected which best engage the theme. However, Bloomers selection process engages our Equality, Diversity Policy and Inclusion Policy by ensuring we give preference to artists and writers who are marginalised to feature in our print publications or events. This selection process acknowledges and considered the 10 protected characteristics as they pertain to artists that apply for Arts Council funding. 

It is commonplace for large scale organisations and institutions to circulate a ‘Diversity Monitoring’ form to persons submitting via open call or job applicants. The efficacy and fairness of this mechanism is subject to debate. To combat this from 2022, Bloomers applications include the question, ‘What makes your perspective unique?’ to return ownership of a persons lived experience to the person applying. This is to give consideration to the fact, for example, that the artwork of a disabled artist may well not be influenced, inspired or otherwise directly connected to their disability. On the other hand, the work and aesthetic of some disabled artists comes from their experience as a disabled person and directly addresses this experience.

Bloomers Fair Pay Policy : 

Bloomers adheres to the Arts Councils Paying the Artist Policy by seeking to create environments and projects where artists can make work of ambition and quality and are remunerated appropriately. Bloomers ensures that artists, writers, designers or any person who contributes to any of our publications, events or projects are paid in an equitable manner.

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